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We are looking for a few good people who would like to utilize their skills to help make Charm City Fetish Fair 2016 a successful event. Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Charm City Fetish Fair Staff Positions

Assistant Team Leader – The assistant team leader is responsible for helping the Team Leader in communicating with team members, setting up meetings for planning purposes, communication with presenters, answering emails and concerns regarding the event, maintaining a timeline of deadlines and contacting coordinators to remind them of deadlines as well as if coordinators go past deadlines.

Vending Coordinator – The vending coordinator is responsible for contacting vendors for CCFF, setting the prices for the vending spaces, answering emails from vendors, maintaining applications from vendors (available through the web site), being onsite to meet vendors during the event, setting up the vending area by laying out vending spaces, being on hand during the event in case of any emergencies in the vending area and handling any issues that may arise during the event in regard to vendors.

Program Book Coordinator – The program book coordinator is responsible for maintaining a database of presenter’s bios and class descriptions gathered and sent from either the Team Leader or the web mistress, organization of said information, garnering a printer or printing company to print program books and final design and look of the program book for publication and distribution to attendees.

Volunteer Coordinator – The volunteer coordinator is responsible for maintaining a list of volunteers, soliciting volunteers for the event, producing a schedule for the volunteers to cover all the workshops, security positions, dungeon set up and break down, and any other area that volunteers are needed, being on site the day of the event to organize and keep track of volunteers.

Marketing Coordinator – The marketing coordinator is responsible for gathering a list of sponsors and/or advertisers to help sponsor the event and/or advertise at the event, contacting sponsors/advertisers by email or regular mail to solicit sponsorship/advertising funding for CCFF, maintain a database of sponsors/advertisers and their contributions, forwarding any artwork or advertisements to the program book coordinator for publication, making space available for tables at the event if they desire. Any and all monies collected or received will then be turned over to the Team Leader for deposit in the CCFF account.

Educational Coordinator – The educational coordinator will be responsible for the call for presenters, gathering presenter bios and forwarding the bios to the website coordinator, setting up a schedule of workshops and forwarding the final approved schedule to the website coordinator, making sure that presenters and their needs are taken care of during the event, workshop set up is complete and organized, materials needed for presentation are present (easel, water for presenters and guests, tables, etc.), answering questions from attendees in regard to location of presentations and directing of attendees to proper areas.